ο PHOTOS OF HAIRCUTS FOR WOMEN AFTER 45 years [choosing the best]

Sophistication and grooming in the photo of haircuts for women after 45 years

Each age has its own advantages, just look at the photos of various [haircuts for women after 45 years].

A woman remains a woman, beauty still remains in the first place, so the lady over the years even becomes more refined and more well-groomed.

There is a little more time for yourself and, as a rule, it is at this age that ladies for certain reasons change their image.

That's just the main thing at this age - not to rejuvenate, but to achieve elegance in order to look modest, but confident.

Haircuts for short hair

Give preference to light shades of hair, but not flashy, but soft and noble.

Owners of green eye color and pale blue, closer to gray, will go a somewhat reddish color of hair, dark it is desirable to make highlighting on dark strands.

If the hair by this age is somewhat thinned, the always fashionable and popular bob haircut will come to the rescue.

There are a lot of variations of this haircut, so ladies after 40 years with any oval of the face can create a beautiful, unique image.


In this case, preference is given to multi-level haircuts to give more flavor. Such a unique hairstyle allows you to feel in demand and modern.

A short bob haircut is very popular at this age, and bangs to the eyebrows, or even longer, helps to close a high forehead or other facial errors.

With such a hairstyle, beautiful accessories will be appropriate. Lines of asymmetry and unevenly trimmed strands will give the face a more youthful look and attract attention.


The shortened pixie hairstyle looks spectacular with bangs raised above the forehead and laid to the side. This type of haircut emphasizes the depth of the eyes and the mind glowing in them.

With the help of gels, mousses and varnish, the hairstyle keeps it fresh throughout the day.

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This type of haircut is attractive on very thin strands, if the makeup is carefully selected and the type of face is appropriate.

Such a haircut can be with straight strands, oblique or asymmetrical, with bangs and without it.


Among the most popular haircuts for both short and long curls is the cascade haircut.

Strands trimmed with a ladder, shorter on top and lengthening at the bottom, are suitable for full representatives of the fair sex, as they favorably cover excessively round cheeks and an enlarged neck.

The cascade looks good on straight curls, and on wavy ones it is laid with a brush and a hairdryer in just a few minutes.


Haircuts for medium-length hair

The hairstyle of the scarf on medium strands has firmly become fashionable and has become traditional. A scarf on the leg and just a short adds to the image of youth, shooting for several years, and grading helps to create a refined and well-groomed look.

In addition, bangs of different lengths are cut, which, depending on the structure of the face, makes women more attractive and well-groomed.

If a woman has a full and round face, then it is better to make a scarf with elongated corners of the strands on the side of the face and with shortened behind, asymmetrical bangs are suitable for this option.


Such haircuts are good for brunettes, but at the same time you need to create a splendor on the back of the head. Do not increase the amount of hair at the level of the cheeks and forget about the curls that cover the ears, on the contrary, stab the curls back and move the volume to the back of the head.

Many ladies over the age of 40 like the aurora haircut, as it adds splendor to thin strands and visually makes the face larger, so it is suitable for thin faces.

Its essence is the transition from short hair to longer ones. It differs from the cascade by parting.

There are not so many women who prefer long curls, but over the years, having got used to their appearance, they do not imagine themselves with a different hairstyle.

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Stylists recommend leaving curls up to the shoulders after 45 years. Hairstyles such as babette and classic shell remain fashionable and in demand.

Respect is caused by a woman who is always neatly combed, dyed. Hairstyles made of long hair give solidity, severity.

Very beautiful and attractive looks French braid, braided on the back of the head. It is desirable to increase the amount of hair above the forehead with a small comb.

The length of curls just below shoulder level is most common after 40 years. Depending on the mood and the situation that has arisen, you can quickly make a beam or just waves.

Wavy hair has a rejuvenating effect, but only if it looks natural.

Straight hair of medium length needs multi-layering, the roots should not lie flat, they need to be lifted with a brush.


Bob-kare haircut is very popular among women, because it is universal, designed for different types of face and hair, and the age for this hairstyle is not limited.

Artists and singers liked the bob-kare haircut. Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston are very pleased with this hairstyle.

Useful tips

With the right choice of haircut and styling after 40 years, the large facial features of a woman are softened and the image changes completely.

If you apply highlighting or coloring, then the splendor of laying increases significantly.

Always pay attention to the structure of the face. If its shape is round, then you can do a short haircut, if the face is elongated or square, then asymmetry or a graduated haircut is preferable.

On thin and rare curls, it is desirable to do styling, which will be fixed for a long time.


To make the hairstyle have a more colorful look, create a little carelessness in the styling, because smoothed curls age.

But it is also impossible to overdo it, because a lady looks ridiculous both with a very short haircut and with loose long and liquid hair.

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Classics and natural color are best suited. True, it also happens that a beautiful styling goes to someone, and someone does not.

Hairdresser's tips:

  • To look younger, don't cut your hair from random craftsmen. There should be your personal hairdresser who knows the features of hair;
  • It is desirable that the strands are in harmony with the oval of the face. The splendor of the styling is given by a multi-level haircut and feathers. Thinned bangs give volume, and oblique - mask wrinkles;
  • Paint over the gray hair in time, it speaks of old age;
  • Do highlighting and coloring, but you do not need bright colors;
  • Prefer large curls and smooth wavy strands, rather than a perm;
  • Slick haircuts get old, do styling;
  • A short haircut is contraindicated for fat ladies, because it focuses on folding.

There is a belief that if you cut your hair on Monday, you will remove the negative emotions that have accumulated over a certain period of time and throw off unresolved problems.

This day is more suitable for painting. On the second day of the week, making a haircut, you will gain new strength to solve problems as soon as possible. Then you will definitely be knee-deep in the sea.

By cutting a haircut on Wednesday, you will thereby update your intellectual and information field. To become popular and get along with people, cut your hair on Thursday.


Friday is considered a day of beauty, but if you are happy with your image, then on Friday you do not need to cut your hair.

A haircut on Saturday helps to remove sins, there is a recovery in the structure of the strands. A Sunday haircut can change fate. If you are overcome by failures, then cut your hair on Sunday, then the problems should leave you.

Try to choose from all available options for haircuts the one that is most to your face. Remember that it does not matter how old a woman is, it is important at what age a woman looks.

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  1. Ekaterina

    A properly selected haircut not only cheers up a woman, but also emphasizes her individuality. Despite the fact that many Hollywood stars in the photo are far from girls, they look very stylish and elegant. The merit of the hairdresser is obvious)

  2. Larisa

    I'm looking for a haircut option. I am 51 years old. I looked at a lot of sites, but unfortunately, the same photos of celebrities are exhibited everywhere, and they are simply monotonous! Basically haircuts that require professional styling, and I would like to see everyday haircuts made by non-Hollywood stylists.

  3. Vita

    Any haircuts, regardless of age, should first be selected based on the shape of the face and the structure of the hair. There is no point in making curls or a cascade on thin, sparse hair, it will all look "poor" without constant styling. On thin hair, a bob, a pixie, a cap are good. On thick hair, the choice of hairstyles, haircuts is more. There you can pick up literally any haircuts, the main thing is that they fit the shape of the face.

  4. Irene

    I wore a long hair all the time... Yes, it is true that after forty hair it begins to thin. It is very difficult to part with the length of the hair. Now I'm picking up a haircut, and I don't know where to stop. Of course, it is a little afraid to experiment, but apparently the time has come. I want to look elegant and not flashy. For some reason it attracts the cascade, cute and cute and the styling does not require much time. A good review and tips are relevant, it is worth listening to. An exciting topic that requires not only attention after forty, but also the correctness of the choice.

  5. Sasha

    Here's a haircut like Megan Ryan's in the picture and I have now! I didn't know it was called a cropped pixie. I went to her for a long time, of course I tried a lot of things in my whole life. I'm not yet 45, but I'm a little bit left until this moment) and just to this event I will come with the most successful haircut in my entire life. The article once again confirmed this fact for me.

  6. Marina

    Until recently, it was believed that after a certain age, a woman cannot have long hair. And everyone in a row did short haircuts (also small chemistry). A good short haircut certainly looks stylish. But it can open a floating oval. Even ears can sometimes betray age, they need to be covered. I agree that in any case, the hair should have a healthy appearance.

  7. Tatyana

    Of course, a woman should always have order on her head. After 45 years, few people already have long hair, so it's time for haircuts. Here, of course, you can experiment and choose the best option for yourself. I prefer short haircuts for a boy or explosive short strands. Calm women are best suited to a scarf.

  8. Natalia

    It seems to me that the main thing is a neat and even haircut, so that the hair itself is laid without much effort, then any styling will last a long time, but I agree that a short haircut will not go to all even young girls, I choose an average length, and cover what is necessary and decorate always, and in coloring I can not deny myself bold options, I like to change and advise everyone

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