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Youth options for haircuts for guys

In recent years , [a haircut for a guy] is most often chosen with short hair.

This fact is explained by the fact that the trendsetters in this area are famous athletes and popular representatives of show business.

Although on stage you can see guys with long hair. As a rule, haircuts are chosen taking into account the features of appearance and lifestyle.

Fashion trends for guys

Men's fashion in all its spheres is more conservative and restrained compared to women's. This approach extends to the choice of haircut.

Representatives of middle and older age generally prefer not to change the usual hairstyle, while youth models are very creative.


It is common for guys to take risks when choosing a suitable option for their appearance.

Stylists advise in such cases to take into account the following features:

  • hair structure;
  • characteristic facial features;
  • eye color and skin tone.

The trend of the current season is considered to be short hairstyles that give the guy masculinity.


Haircuts of the classic type of guys remain at the forefront of fashion regardless of various trends. The length and configuration of bangs may vary, but the hairstyle as a whole should be formed strict and restrained.

Sports models clearly serve as an example of this approach. For guys, it is very important to look courageous and brutal.

At the same time, romantic haircuts with medium-length hair remain in trend. Retro models will not be rejected either.

Wearing bangs combed back is preferred not only by middle-aged men: among young people, hairstyles of this type are also popular.


Guys do not have serious difficulties when choosing a haircut. Long-term practice shows that young people choose famous athletes as role models, primarily football players and boxers.

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Hairstyles in a sporty style are practical and unpretentious. For young guys, this is very important.

Guys, for the most part, lead an active lifestyle, and they simply do not have time to lay strands for a long time. Short models in this situation are considered an ideal solution.


Some of them do not even require a comb: it is enough to smooth the hair with a wet palm and the styling is ready.

For guys who prefer to wear elongated haircuts, a sufficient number of models have been created from which you can choose the right one for yourself.

Fashionable hairstyles with elongated hair require a more serious attitude than short models. Trying on the haircut you like, you need to take into account the condition of the hair.

In men, hair is of three types:

  • fatty;
  • normal;
  • Dry.

Another common problem that men suffer from is dandruff.

Before you choose the appropriate option, you need to fix the problem with dandruff. All necessary cosmetics on sale are available.

Choosing a haircut along the contour of the face

Fashionable haircuts, which can always be viewed on the pages of glossy magazines, are created for ideal conditions. Stylists emphasize that the hairstyle is done on the correct oval of the face.

In real life, guys, as well as girls, have perfect proportions of appearance infrequently.

A haircut for short or long hair has to be done on different shapes of the face.

To date, the following face configurations are distinguished:

  • oval;
  • round;
  • square;
  • Triangular.

The oval contour of the face allows guys to wear short haircuts and look stylish. A different picture develops when the face has a different shape.

Haircut for round face

The configuration of the face in the form of a circle in a guy, as a rule, creates a pleasant impression. Makeup artists recommend using all the available features of appearance to your advantage.

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Sports haircuts for short hair are in perfect harmony with a round face.

Shaved temples and bangs of medium length visually stretch the circle, transforming it into an oval.

For maximum effect, you can order a model haircut with strands on the side. In this case, visually, the face should be lengthened. Elongated sideburns look good.

They make the face moderately narrow and oblong. Choosing fashionable hairstyles, you need to dismiss the options that create additional volume.


Haircut for square face

Many guys with a square face configuration prefer to wear a "hedgehog" hairstyle. Such a decision is considered competent and appropriate.

Any haircuts in this case are designed to visually lengthen the face and smooth out the corners.

Slightly "round" the angularity can be with the help of three-day stubble.

But there is one subtlety here: the bristles should have a black color. A light beard does not reduce, but gives additional volume.

The ideal option for guys with a square face is a haircut for short hair. If for some reason you have to refuse such a decision, then you can simply comb the strands back.

Triangular face haircut

Makeup artists recommend that guys with a triangular face shape choose haircuts with bangs that can be combed to the side.

Under such initial conditions, it is possible to adjust the appearance by creating additional volume on the top of the head and short hair on the temples.

The main task of cutting with a triangular face is to visually narrow the forehead and expand the chin. The presence of a small beard gives the face optimal proportions.

If the beard grows rare and nondescript, it has to be abandoned. Then it is advisable to choose an option that allows you to make a side parting. The model "British" is perfect for these purposes.


Fashionable hairstyles for guys

Guys who try to make a favorable impression on others have to seriously engage in the choice of a haircut.

Fashion models that stylists offer in each season can be adapted to their personal tastes and preferences.

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Among the styles that always remain popular are the following:

  • sports (boxing and semi-boxing);
  • "grunge";
  • variants of the Canadian.

The first model belongs to the category of sports. The second can be attributed to the category of extravagant. The third is considered universal, since it meets almost all the requirements for youth haircuts.

Haircut box

In a modern fashionable version, this haircut is suitable for active and purposeful guys. Its distinctive feature is short hair.

It is the minimum length of the strands that gives the hairstyle neatness and attractiveness. Another great feature is that the guy has an open whole appearance - facial features and the shape of the head.

Even the slightest defect cannot be hidden. The hairstyle retains its shape for a long time and does not require special styling products. It is suitable for all hair types. The strands do not stick out in different directions and do not crumble.


Grunge haircut

If you look at the guys walking down the street, then the owner of a haircut in the style of "grunge" can be identified by disheveled and randomly protruding strands or long bangs falling on the face.

Make-up artists note that such treatment of hair is dictated by fashion trends.

It should be emphasized that the creation of such a model requires high qualification from the master. Its purpose is to show its individuality.


Classic Canadian

Many years of experience have convincingly proved that the Canadian for guys is the most suitable option. Fashion trends that are formed in each season are sure to include it in the list.

The peculiarity of the Canadian is that the temples and the back of the head are cut shorter. At the same time, on the crown and in the forehead area, the guys have elongated strands.

The haircut is suitable for any face configuration and hair type. Currently, it is popular not only with guys, but also with men of mature age.


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