ο Skin Cap shampoo: reviews, analogues, instructions for use

Application of Skin-Cap shampoo

Skin Cap shampoo belongs to the category of medicines.

It is included in the line of products, in which there is also a cream and aerosol. Preparations "Skin Cap" are dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.

Instructions for use reports that with their help you can get rid of quite serious dermatological problems.

The effect of shampoo "Skin-Cap"

Unfortunately, many people know how insidious allergies are. To get rid of unbearable itching, pain, rash, redness, irritation on the skin, the patient is ready to grasp like a straw for any remedy that promises salvation.

However, most often, effective treatment is possible only with the use of dangerous to health and addictive hormonal ointments.

Scientists and doctors have long been trying to solve this problem: to invent a reliable medicine of a non-hormonal nature for the treatment of dermatitis.

In this sense, Skin-Cap products are the "first swallow".

Shampoo is one of the forms of release of the drug "Skin-Cap". It is a suspension of white color with a recognizable odor, designed to treat skin diseases.

The photo shows that the product is bottled in plastic bottles of 150 ml. The bottle, in turn, is packed in a cardboard box.

The active ingredient in the shampoo "Skin-Cap" is zinc pyrithione. The instructions for the drug inform that in a milliliter of shampoo there is 10 mg of the active substance.

Zinc pyrithione

The mechanism of action of zinc pyrithione in all details is reported by the instruction to the drug.

The compound kills pathogenic fungi, bacteria, viruses without penetrating into the cell.

The substance effectively acts against lichens, dandruff and other skin diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms.

At the same time it has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, relieves itching and irritation.

Even penetrating deep into the dermis, zinc pyrithione is not absorbed into the blood and does not accumulate in the skin - this gives the manufacturer the opportunity to argue that when using Skin-Cap, the possibility of overdose is excluded.

Interesting. In addition to medicine, the fungicidal (antifungal) action of zinc pyrithione is used in the paint industry and household chemicals.

A little about the manufacturer

The company Cheminova Internacional S.A was established in 1954, the development of cosmetics and medicines has been engaged since the 80s.

The company has its own scientific center, where it conducts research to improve the effectiveness of existing drugs.

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The company's specialists are trying to activate existing drugs using physical and chemical methods.

The company has developed and patented several new products:

  • line of medical cosmetics "Skin-Cap";
  • Epigen's anti-cracking product line;
  • Borozin - a product against foot sweating;
  • Relaxnova is an analgesic ointment for the joints.

The organization claims that all cosmetics and medicines produced by it have no side effects and do not contain harmful ingredients.

However, it will not be superfluous to look at the reviews of experts about skin-Cap shampoo and, of course, listen to the opinion of people who happened to try this tool on themselves.

Shampoo reviews

Reviews of dermatologists. According to the reviews of most patients, the tool "Skin-Cap" was recommended to them by a dermatologist.

I wonder what the experts themselves think about this drug?

The opinion of dermatologists and trichologists about the safety of Skin-Cap shampoo is divided.

Some are concerned about the fact that Skin-Cap funds are prohibited from being sold in the United States and some European countries.

There is unpublished data that the hormonal substance clobetasol was found in the shampoo.

If this is indeed the case, then this very expensive composition can not only be powerless in the treatment of dermatitis, but also lead to side effects.

Therefore, it is impossible to regularly wash your hair with Skin-Cap shampoo.

Also, some doctors find it unusual that zinc pyrithione was suddenly effective against eczema and dermatitis.

Zinc pyrithione is often added to the therapeutic composition against dandruff, and in it it is really effective.


But until now it was believed that he could not treat dermatitis, neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis - only hormones can cope with this.

Attentive dermatologists have long been trying to draw the attention of colleagues to this fact.

But if the product really has a hormone, then why does the manufacturer keep silent about it?

It seems that because the so-called "safe means" people acquire more willingly and they are sold in greater quantities than serious medicines.

Customer reviews. It is interesting to know how consumers themselves assess the benefits of Skin-Cap shampoo?

Buyers often say that against seborrhea "Skin-Cap" is very effective. Usually two sessions of washing are enough for dandruff to stop appearing.

There is evidence that shampoo helps to get rid of even seborrheic crust in children, when other means were powerless.

The general opinion of consumers about this shampoo: with a slight minty smell, refreshing the head, liquid, but perfectly foaming.

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Sometimes they complain that the hair after washing becomes hard and you have to rinse it with air conditioner or some other rinse.

The fact is that zinc pyrithione has an alkaline nature, and in an alkaline environment, hair really loses its elasticity.

In order not to negate the efforts to get rid of dandruff, you need to apply a rinse composition to the hair, avoiding the skin.


Many consumers have noted the beautiful shine that this shampoo gives to the hair, even if you do not rinse them after washing with cold water.

The shine confidently lasts the first three days, and all this time the hair looks clean, well-groomed, and the head does not itchy.

Instructions for use warn that it is necessary to carry out medical procedures with this drug at least 2-3 times a week, so that already on the fourth day washing with Skin-Cap shampoo can be safely repeated - this will return the freshness of the hair and relieve itching.

If, after the end of the course, the seborrheic crust did not disappear, but simply localized, the patients concluded that the drug was not suitable for them specifically, and switched to treatment with another remedy.

Almost 100% of consumers especially noted the convenient dispenser and the pleasant consistency of this product.

There are reviews that zinc pyrithione in the composition of this shampoo acts more effectively if zinc preparations are taken orally simultaneously with treatment.

Applying the Tool

It's time to learn how to use the tool correctly. Shampoo is used only for washing the head and nothing more.

For rashes and irritations on other parts of the body, there is an aerosol and cream. Be sure to shake the shampoo bottle a few times before pouring it into the palm of your hand.

The composition is not a solution, but a suspension, and solid particles settle at the bottom of the vial.

Application Guide. The hair is moistened and applied to it with the palm of a little shampoo. Massage for one minute, then wash off and apply the liquid again.


The second time is kept on the head for five minutes, then the hair is washed very thoroughly. The first two weeks of treatment, shampoo is used 3 times a week, then reduced to 2 times a week.

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The course against psoriasis is 35 days (not washing sessions!), against fatty seborrhea - 2 weeks. After the end of the course, shampoo is used once a week as a prophylactic.

Contraindications to use. Instructions for use do not report that the tool is forbidden to use pregnant and lactating.

There is no information about the danger of overdose. Contraindication may be an allergy to any of the substances that make up the shampoo.

In order not to face this problem, it is worth conducting preliminary testing - apply a little shampoo to an inconspicuous area of the skin and wait five minutes.

If during the day irritation and itching do not occur in this place, then the shampoo can be safely used for its intended purpose.

Store shampoo in a place where the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees. The shelf life is five years. The composition does not change the color and structure of the hair.

Price and analogues. At the end of 2015, the price of "Skin-Cap" is 1200 - 1500 rubles.

If you could not find shampoo in pharmacies of your locality, you can buy it via the Internet or look for analogues in a pharmacy - funds from other manufacturers in which the active ingredient is also pyrithione zinc.

Some analogues cost significantly less than skin-Cap:

  • Friderm zinc is a shampoo with an increased (2%) content of zinc pyrithione. Estimated cost - 700 rubles;
  • Tsinocap is a cream or aerosol suitable for use on any part of the body, except for mucous membranes. Estimated price - 1000 rubles;
  • Shampoo "Nizoral" - the action is similar to the shampoo "Skin-Cap", but the active substance is not zinc, but ketoconazole. Estimated price – 600 rub.

Analogues can be a reasonable way out if you are not satisfied with the price of the drug.

To make sure that the drug is really an analogue, it is enough to look in the instructions for use the name of the active substance and the list of indications.

The line of products "Skin-Cap" is designed to treat serious skin diseases, so you need to apply shampoo carefully, following the recommendations of the manufacturer and the doctor who developed the individual course of treatment.

You can use shampoo without a doctor's prescription, but in this case you can waste money and lose time.

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  1. Martha

    On the recommendation of a dermatologist, I use this shampoo when seasonal allergies are exacerbated.

  2. Arta

    I liked the skin cap. I took shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis and an aerosol. In principle, now I think that one of the means would be enough, but I really wanted to get rid of the disease as soon as possible, so I washed my hair and treated the crusts with aerool. I, however, they are mainly on the back of the head, so my husband helped here) I liked the fact that it does not overdry and gives a pleasant feeling of cleanliness. The aerosol is also good, there is no need to wait until it is absorbed, the spray gun does not seize, there were no problems, in a word. I also noted for myself the lack of hormones. This is important, otherwise an overdose of them is dangerous, plus the risk of addiction. There's no such thing from a skin cap. I got rid of seborrhea pretty quickly. Probably, here the matter is in the activated zinc pyrithione, it also acts in a directional way. Well, probably, it played a role that I used two means at the same time)

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