ο Shampoo Selencin: reviews of trichologists, composition, instructions

Medicinal properties of Selencin shampoo

Relatively inexpensive Russian shampoo Selencin is known to those who turned to a trichologist or dermatologist about hair loss.

Shampoo helps to stop hair loss and restores the hair to a healthy appearance.

It can be used in combination with other means of the same brand or simultaneously with treatment with traditional medicine methods.

What is the secret of selencin's effectiveness and when does it make sense to use this shampoo?

About Selencin shampoo

The shampoo manufacturer talks about a new, revolutionary technology in the treatment of alopecia. Selencin relieves diffuse baldness.

The drug is aimed not only at stopping hair loss, it also stimulates growth. "Thinning hair will be replaced by healthy and strong curls," promises the developer of the composition, the company Alkoy.

What is special about this shampoo and why can you use it to solve such a complex problem as hair loss?

Selencin contains biological and chemical components that stop hair loss and increase the amount of new hair during their active growth.

The tool directly affects the hair follicles: improves their nutrition, prolongs the life cycle. As a result, the roots are strengthened, and the loss stops.

The concept of shampoo is as follows. The company sees its mission in helping millions of men, women and children suffering from alopecia.

The main task of the remedy against hair loss is to take care of each individual hair.

Specialists of the company Alkoy selected effective ingredients and combined traditional components into an innovative treatment complex.

You need to apply shampoo in a system with several more products, then the effect will be positive. "Stepwise" treatment is another innovation of the company.

The composition of the shampoo also deserves attention - it has not one, but several active ingredients, each of which, even separately, is a well-known means for strengthening hair and stimulating their growth: extracts of burdock, hops, mint, pepper and nettle, caffeine, vitamins, collagen hydrolysate.

The manufacturer emphasizes the naturalness of the shampoo, the natural origin of its components.

In addition to herbs and vitamins, the composition includes patented additives produced in France, obtained from exotic plants - white sweet lupine and the roots of the Peruvian poppy plant.


The effect of shampoo is unique. A complex composition allows the tool to act simultaneously in several directions.

Caffeine is a powerful antioxidant and a "conduit" of nutrients to the bulbs. In addition, caffeine tones and strengthens small vessels and capillaries.

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Biotin increases the life of each hair and normalizes the nutrition of the bulbs. Collagen strengthens the structure of the rods, biologically active complexes of nettle, hops and burdock improve the blood supply to the root zone.

Even better cope with this menthol, which is part of mint, and capsaicin of red pepper - these substances at times accelerate the blood supply to the scalp, as a result of which dormant follicles wake up.

Hair loss first slows down, and then completely stops: alopecia disappears.

The instruction does not contain information about contraindications for selencin shampoo and its side effects.

Reviews of those who used this drug indicate that it does not cause irritation and allergies and that with its help you can regain a thick head of hair.

Thanks to Selencin, diffuse alopecia is no longer a sentence for a good appearance.

Application of Selencin shampoo

The main thing in the treatment of this tool is to adhere to a systematic approach, as recommended by the manufacturer and emphasizes the instructions for use.

Only a set of measures aimed at treating hair from the inside and outside, allows you to stop hair loss.

Treatment is carried out in four stages:

  1. Purification. Wash your hair with Selencin shampoo (apply a little product to a damp scalp and massage it for a minute and a half). Then you need to leave the shampoo on the hair for a few more minutes, only then rinse with plenty of water. The instruction warns that the hair itself does not need to be rubbed with shampoo - for washing they will be enough of the means that will fall on them when washed off,
  2. Restoration. This refers to the restoration of the desired level of acidity on the surface of the scalp. This will help balm-rinse Selencin hair therapy. The composition is applied to wet washed hair and washed off after 2-3 minutes;
  3. Amplification of the effect. To enhance the effect, a mask and spray lotion are used. The mask is used 1-2 times a week - applied to the skin of the scalp after washing for 10 to 15 minutes, then washed off. The spray moistens the hair roots after drying and do a light massage of the head, driving the product deeper into the skin. This should be done at night;
  4. Stimulating growth. Each treatment procedure is completed with Active Pro spray. This spray can be used in combination and separately from other products. The product treats dry scalp before bedtime
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At the end of 2015, Selencin's funds in pharmacies had the following price:

  • shampoo 400-500 rub.;
  • balm 400-500 rub.;
  • strengthening spray 500-550 rub.;
  • mask 600-700 rub.;
  • stimulating spray 700-800 rub.;
  • homeopathical granules for oral administration 400 p.

Analogues of Selencin shampoo

Although the shampoo itself is inexpensive, given that it must be used in conjunction with other means, treatment can cost a penny.

If these costs are unbearable for the family budget, you can look for analogues.

There are cheaper shampoos for hair loss, for example: Alerana, Our Mother, Kera-Nova.

Positive reviews about Selencin shampoo

A lot of people leave positive feedback after the end of the treatment course.

If you combine their opinions, you will get the following picture: a two-month course of complex treatment with selencin is really able to stop the loss and literally save the appearance.

The first results are visible after two weeks of treatment. The scalp is covered with an "undercoat", which grows rapidly, lengthening by 3-4 cm per month.

Many also note the high effectiveness of shampoo, used not in the complex.

However, a number of patients noted that an integrated approach is more effective than just washing your hair with shampoo.

People who fear that after the use of homeopathic tablets they will gain weight, in the process of treatment all doubts were dispelled - during the course and after its completion, the weight remained the same.

This question worried many, but there is no reliable information that someone as a result of taking Selencin granules changed metabolism or shifted hormonal levels, resulting in increased weight.

Actually, body weight should not change, since the drug Selencin is homeopathic, not hormonal, and contains only trace elements and active plant supplements.

There is a separate category of consumers, which can be called "fans" of Selencin. These are mostly girls and young women.

The course successfully helped them to restore the density of hair, which led to complete delight.

Guided by the idea that beauty does not happen much, and in the hope that the hair can become even thicker, women repeatedly repeated the course.

This, however, did not lead to a visible effect - the hair remained in the state it took after the first course.

In fact, repeated courses can be carried out, but only after a short break, the duration of which is determined by the doctor.

It is worth remembering that it is not worth uncontrollably getting involved in homeopathy and medical cosmetics, as well as other types of treatment.

Homeopathy in the right dosage can work wonders, but it is not harmless entertainment.

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Even if we are talking about such a simple remedy as shampoo, you need to adhere to the recommendations of specialists - doctors or manufacturers of the product.

Exceeding the dose will not be helpful. If the composition does not help, then an increase in the dose will not help.

In this case, it is better to simply switch to another remedy, after consulting with your attending trichologist.

Ambiguous reviews about Selencin shampoo

Negative reviews are also found, although they are clearly less. However, even in negative comments, people admit that shampoo helps them, however, not effectively enough.

So, if a person lost 400 hairs a day, and he quickly balded, then after a month of using the shampoo, the loss decreased to 300 hairs per day.

There are reviews that in some patients in the first weeks of treatment there was an increased hair loss, and then a very active growth of young hairs began and baldness stopped.

Instructions for the drug warns of the possibility of increased loss at the first stage of treatment.

The developer explains this by the fact that only weak and diseased hairs are removed, which would already fall out very soon.

On the place vacated after the loss of a diseased hair, a new one grows - healthy and strong.

The drug includes many plant components, including exotic ones, so before starting the course, you should consider the possibility of an allergic reaction.

Cases of allergy to the products of the selencin trademark were found and led to serious consequences: irritation, itching, complete hair loss.

There are several reviews that even after six months of using Selencin shampoo, it was not possible to get any results.

Apparently, these people had an individual immunity to these therapeutic components.

Instructions for use of selencin shampoo reports that the maximum duration of the course is 4 months.

If after 4 months of treatment there is no effect, then you need to stop using the drug.

Selencin complex is a mild growth stimulant. In 80% of cases, to obtain a pronounced effect, one shampoo will not be enough.

Washing your hair with Selencin in combination with taking granules, masks and spray is what is the true salvation for hair loss.

There is no doubt that the complex is beneficial - this is evidenced by the reviews of doctors and consumers.


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  1. Ksenia

    After pregnancy, I began to experience problems with hair loss, I used Selescin, and everything is correctly painted, it really fights the cause. I hope that your article will be useful to many people.

  2. Marina Grigorievna

    I used selencin shampoo along with a balm and mask, with diffuse alopecia. Shampoo and balm are suitable for daily use, and the mask is enough to apply once a week and all this for a couple of months. The loss stopped completely, a fluff appeared in place of bald patches, it looked comical, but not for long, the hair quickly branched and the density was restored.

  3. Julia

    I took selencin tablets and used shampoo + balm + hair growth spray. The treatment took a total of 3 months, it helped!

  4. Jeanne

    Selencin personally helped me. I had stress, after which my hair fell, as it often happens. I did not even bother with folk remedies, I immediately asked for some good remedy in the pharmacy. advised selencin, and it helped me!

  5. Olya

    There was also diffuse hair loss, I turned to a trichologist in medsi, advised to take selencin tablets and use the means of this cosmetics for treatment. The course of treatment is almost 2 months, then I continued to use the mask. Hair stopped falling out gradually.

  6. Alenka

    I had a spring hairfall)) so many vitamins drank, but did not help. Only selencin helped, now it is easier

  7. Luda

    I treat my hair with selencin periodically, once a year I consistently drink a course of tablets. hair from it falls out less, grows better and looks better.

  8. Rita

    The most normal shampoo for hair loss. Though it helps. I also used a mask from the same series in addition to it, a coffee mask, very cool!

  9. Lyubochka

    Hello world! selencin helped me to revive my hair after numerous dyes. the hair was very split, it was like a washcloth)) and fell out with frequent washing of the head. after a course of selencin, the hair has become stronger, does not fall out.

  10. Sayid

    Selencin helped me from hair loss! I used it for about a month, when my hair began to fall out much less! Now there is no such problem at all))) I regularly care for my hair, make masks, use natural remedies and everything is fine!))

  11. IRA

    Saida, selencin also helped me a lot in due time! I remember there was such a hair fall - just a horror!))) someone from my friends said that you need to already drink pills) found out that this drug has a good composition, decided to try) and was not mistaken! now I do not suffer from hair loss. I think the fact that I switched to a non-vegetarian diet also played a role, I feel better in all respects with it))

  12. Tatyana

    Great tool!

  13. Olga

    I was also very pleased with the result from the use of Selentil products, my hair literally fell out in bunches after a series of operations, or rather, as I was told - this is a reaction from anesthesia, I was afraid to remain bald, my friend brought me the whole complex and strictly ordered me to follow the instructions, listened to her and the result very soon began to please me. My hair is thicker now than before the surgeries.

  14. Xenia

    After moving to the north, I noticed that the condition of the hair worsened, became brittle and began to fall out. I was advised to shampoo and hair balm from Selencin. I noticed that the condition of the hair has improved, it has become thicker and stronger, but still I want to drink Selencin tablets, my friend's hair seems to grow faster after the course.

  15. Marina

    They diagnosed alopecia areata. I was scared.. I think, well, that's it! Now there will be bald patches, I will be worse than an atomic war. The trichologist said not to be nervous, they say, everything is fixable. and advised a comprehensive course of Selencin. I bought almost everything with a fright – pills, shampoo, balm, spray, mask... I don't know how they affect my hair separately, but together they helped me cope with a nasty sore!

  16. Vetch

    I am a long-time fan of Selencin products, I began to use it a year ago on the advice of my master. Recently, I tried more pills from falling out, decided that it would not be superfluous. Hair now only on the comb during combing remains.

  17. Yana

    Terrible shampoo. That's the worst thing that could happen. Dandruff is a full head and all in speeds. Now it's a long time to treat me

    • Renata

      I don't know... my husband and daughter and I have completely different types of hair, but everyone was equally suitable... We always try to use one company, now we have shampoo and balm Selencin. No dandruff appeared, but the loss decreased and the hair (in girls) became softer and silkier.

  18. Lena

    I can be classified as a Selencin fan. After getting acquainted with him, once a year I take a course of homeopathy (for prevention, hair loss has not bothered me for a long time), thanks to him), and I regularly use cosmetics. Mask and stimulant spray are always on the shelf.

  19. Nyusya

    I work in a pharmacy and women who have hair problems pass through me every day. I once also encountered this case, so now with a calm soul I recommend Selencin to everyone. That homeopathy, that cosmetics they have are very cool. The hair after them is strong and healthy.

  20. Tanusha

    As for me, the article was incorrectly named. The trick of Selencin is that the whole complex heals hair from different sides, and not just shampoo used and you expect thick hair. And they also have cosmetics, and the drug is. It is necessary to disassemble the entire series, and not one shampoo. I used all the products of this brand and am insanely satisfied - the hair really came to life!

  21. Kira

    At first, my hair was falling out wildly... I bought tablets and strengthening cosmetics Selencin. Then I coped with the loss, and I did not observe growth at all. Then I bought a stimulating spray of the same brand, which turned out to be very cool. In general, both with the loss and with the slow growth, Selencin coped. So also added brilliance)

  22. Tatyana Ivanovna

    I agree with the girls, Selencin is a really working and inexpensive remedy for falling out. Now every second person has problems with hair - then stress, then the climate, then hormones. And the pills react to the very cause, help the body cope. and cosmetics nourish the hair itself) As a result, we have beautiful and healthy hair. I think that's fine)

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