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Shades and colors in the Matrix paint palette

A stubborn science called "statistics" suggests that a significant number of women who decide to [dye their hair] use the Matrix color palette in choosing the right shade.

Trust in this company is so great that its products are often taken by stylists as a standard, both for routine work and for experiments in the field of new and fashionable hairstyles.

Features of paints "Matrix"

For more than thirty-five years, Matrix has been providing the cosmetic market with modern hair dye, developed taking into account the latest knowledge in the field of human health and popular trends in the fashion world.

This brand quickly became so popular in America that the French company L'Or©al bought it from the creator Henri Miller and made it its subsidiary.

The products of this line have earned stunning reviews from women all over the world, primarily because this paint is professional, and the palette of its colors will satisfy the most capricious and demanding client.

Long-lasting action and persistent effect, the absence or very small percentage of ammonia content in the paint - these advantages allow Matrix products to firmly hold the position of the leader and create more and more new shades of hair dye, delighting the beautiful half of humanity.

The professional palette of the company initially included the use of its products exclusively in the conditions of specially equipped beauty salons.

But over time, the popularity of the brand grew so much that the paint began to be used for coloring at home.

And yet, for a guaranteed effect, it is recommended to carry out painting using the services of a stylist whom you trust.

Reviews of the use of paint "Matrix" highlight its main advantages:

  • rich, saturated and emotional palette of shades in the range of all possible color solutions;
  • absence or minimum of aggressive compounds (in particular ammonia) in the composition of the drug;
    the inclusion in the product of various additional substances that heal the hair and skin on the head, as well as help a woman to look always beautiful;
  • high-quality uniform dyeing of hair along their entire length, which ultimately gives a high result;
  • excellent results when coloring severely damaged or gray hair;
  • preservation of the coloring effect for at least a month with minimal hair care;
  • limited counterfeiting of the company's products due to the policy of exclusively official sale through its representative offices.
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It is worth noting that many products of this company contain such plant regenerating substances as ceramides, olive oil, jojoba and burdock oil and some others.

Many of the supplements have antioxidant properties, nourish and protect the hair, giving it shine and stimulating its growth.

Ceramides protect the scalp from drying out and oxidation, restore hair, fastening their scales, and guarantee your curls strength and beauty.

Types and series of paints

Popular lines of hair dyes of the company "Matrix" are represented by the following series.

Matrix ‘olor Sync

Gentle ammonia-free paint, universal in its application.

Often used on previously dyed hair to correct their color, but can also be used to color curls that have never been lightened.

Usually the color changes by only a few tones, so you should not use this paint to paint over the gray hair.

The composition of this series includes various nutrients, including ceramides, which restore hair scales.


Matrix Color Sync Extra

This cream dye, which does not contain ammonia, is used to dye very gray hair in a persistent deep color.

In the arsenal of this series, a palette of six main shades and a special activator are offered. The dye not only lasts a long time on the hair, but also returns them to their natural elasticity and shine.


Matrix SOCOLOR Beauty

Good results are obtained during the use of this series of paints when combining different shades to create fashionable modern hairstyles.

It is characterized by rapid, uniform and deep coloring of the entire surface of the hair, even if applied to damaged or completely gray hair.

Matrix SOCOLOR Beauty uses jojoba oil and other ingredients of the Cera Oil protective complex, which serves as a good protection of hair during coloring and at the same time their healing.


Matrix Ultra Blonde

A characteristic feature of this series is the possibility of obtaining excellent light shades already at the first coloring of dark hair without prior lightening.

Giving up lighteners in favor of this dye will help you maintain the health of your hair and prevent their fragility.

The manufacturer recommends this series of paints for highlighting hair without the use of a discoloring agent, promising high-quality multidimensional lightening.


Matrix Light Master and ColorGraphics Lift&Tone NEW

Products of this series are designed for professional lightening of hair in varying degrees of tone and saturation while maintaining their natural properties to the maximum.

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When working with Matrix Light Master, it is recommended not to use plastic caps so as not to create additional thermal effects.

The Color Charts Lift&Ton system allows you to lighten your hair from the first treatment, while caring for it.

It consists of three components - toner, promoter and ultra-fast brightening powder, and allows you to immediately achieve effects such as a halo of hair glow or ombre of radiance.


Matrix SoRED

The Matrix SoRED series is just a gift for those who like to experiment on their hairstyle with the help of highlighting or non-standard solutions.

This palette of colors gives a rich color scheme in red tones, in which you can choose any individual shade for your image.


ColorGraphics LACQUERS

This experimental color is designed to quickly create a rich, trendy hue.

Original sparkling footers in the composition of the color help to create a seven-permanent result and show your creativity almost without boundaries. The color is retained on the hair up to twelve uses of the shampoo.


Matrix ink palette

The color palette of this company contains more than fifty shade tones. The main ones are grouped in three collections: speciality, reflect and blended.

To indicate the colors, the palette uses Arabic numerals, indicating the saturation of the hue, and Latin letters, indicating directly to the color itself:

  • N – neutral;
  • R – red;
  • C – copper;
  • G – gold;
  • V – purple;
  • B – brown;
  • A – ashen;
  • W β€” warm ;
    M – mocha.

Navigating these designations, it's pretty easy to match the color and degree of its hue to your personality.

Experienced stylists, varying between different compositions, receive not only deeply individual tones for coloring specific hairs, often the correctly selected composition provides additional effects of glow, halo or smooth flow of color from the roots of the hair to their tips.

However, it is worth remembering that the coloring effect is often not quite what you expect.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to try to color a small strand in advance to make sure that this mixture is suitable for you.

Photo (to enlarge, click in a new tab):

Reviews on the forums, along with confirmation of the good quality of the products of this company, often warn about common mistakes when choosing the right brand of paint.

As a rule, this choice is so individual that the same composition on different hairs gives similar, but still different shades of color.

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Therefore, the best way to determine your color scheme and a specific product for coloring hair is to use the services of a professional stylist or cosmetologist.

Method of application, nuances

When using hair coloring products from the company "Matrix", do not forget that this is a professional dye.

Therefore, both in the conditions of a beauty salon, and even more so at home, it is necessary to carefully observe certain rules when coloring.

The paint kit usually includes a box of tones, marked with a certain number, and a cream for coloring. Oxygen will have to be bought separately, necessarily branded.

Keep in mind that the amount of oxygenate in the mixture will affect the degree of coloring of your hair.

For toning, 1% oxygenate will be enough, whereas for persistent staining with a cardinal color change, you need to use already 8-9% oxygenate.

Just don't hold it for longer than 20 minutes so as not to damage the structure of your hair.


What kind of composition to apply in your particular case, usually helps to determine the sales assistant in a specialized store, or your stylist.

Reviews of home use of Matrix paints often agree that the best proportion for mixing dye with oxygen is 1: 1.

It is claimed that this proportion provides better durability of the resulting shade of curls.

It is also worth considering that most of the paints of this company do not contain ammonia or contain a very small amount of it.

This is good for the health of the hair, but given the lack of this brightener, the dye should be chosen 1-2 tones lighter so as not to get a darker tone than planned.

In the home version, the dye is applied to dry hair with a comb or brush, and it should be applied on top, and not rubbed.


First, the roots are processed for 10 minutes, and then all your strands are completely processed.

In order for the dye to evenly disperse through the hair, they need to be carefully combed, then the hair is kept under a plastic cap.

Rinse the hair carefully, with warm water, actively removing the dye from the scalp, but not washing it directly from the hair.

It is advisable after dyeing for several days not to wash your hair at all so that it does not fade, and then use a special conditioner for proper nutrition and softening of your curls.

Then they will always naturally shine and look healthy, and you will find a stunning appearance!

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  1. Alexander

    And I was first introduced to Matrix paint in a barbershop. Came from brown haired to be blonde. For the first reception I received the desired pleasant ashen shade. While I was being painted, I remembered the name of the paint just in case. Six months later, it was repainted in a copper shade. Then into the chocolate. In all cases, the shade did not disappoint me, it was repainted, because I like to change, to experiment. Durability in principle is also no worse than other brands. The main thing is to comply with the recommendations of specialists.

  2. Anastasia

    I have already tried so many colors, and this one that fit, the hair from dull, turned into shiny, does not fall out, the dye lasts a long time, although my hair is a regular shampoo, for uncolored hair. Paint is applied easily and at home, as in other things I do, because I do not have time to go to the salon. I love it!

  3. Anna

    Mom is painted with a matrix. The first time she tried it, there were doubts. but it turned out that the paint is very persistent, the color is saturated. Perfectly paints over the gray hair and for a long time does not need to be tinted. As a rule, only the roots need to be tinted when they grow. Convenient and practical. The cost is quite adequate. There are no special comments on it.

  4. Asechka

    The palette of Matrix paints is not bad compared to competitors. With flowers yourself, you can get confused, you need to read the information on how to properly dilute. I wouldn't say it's the cheapest professional paint and again depends on the line and series. Some shades very poorly paint over the gray hair and dry the hair. There are also high-quality colors. In general, the paint is average.

  5. Anna Polis

    And I worked with this paint in the salon. I've never been let down! Always the clients were satisfied with leaving) But the cost is not from the budget. If you paint yourself, then yes, it may not be expensive, and with a salon boost, the price bites. But it's certainly worth it! Especially good for hair will be if you use a dye without ammonia. Hair will thank you)

  6. Ekaterina

    I have been using this dye for about a year, my hair is in perfect condition. very pleased with a large palette of colors, not every brand will have such a large assortment. the value for money is great, I can safely recommend the matrix. the only drawback is that my friend does not really manage to paint over the gray hair, but I think that many paints do not cope with this task.

  7. Irene

    A few years ago, in L'Or©al, I bought Matrix paint for a tryout, and did not lose. Seduced by the composition, which includes ceramides. The choice of shades is large, so there was a slight difficulty in making a decision, I stopped at the natural, closer to the natural. Following the instructions, I dyed my hair well from the roots to the tips. After drying, the hair is silky and the smell is pleasant. Since then, there is always a box with Matrix on the shelf.

  8. Tatyana

    At first, my friend didn't go from blonde to brown haired very successfully, the color lay unevenly, I think, you know what I mean. I'm not going to say what the paint was, because there was a matter of crooked handles, the girlfriend was not painted by a professional.
    It is difficult to return to the blonde, because I took a shade a little darker than before, just the colors of Matrix, and then everything lay down as it should!
    I, so to speak, in her footsteps, also later turned to this paint.
    As for the fact that you do not need to hold longer than 20 minutes, this is really important. And there is no point in keeping it longer, the color is already saturated.

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