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Colors and shades of Keune hair dye

[Keune hair dye] is one of the most popular in the world.

The company is focused on the production of professional hair cosmetics for almost 90 years. Cosmetic products of the company are represented in 70 countries of the world, including Russia.


Keune dye basically uses a unique micromolecule - nitron, which penetrates into the hair structure and turns into a five-step macromolecule.

With its help, the voids in the injured hair are filled.

The composition of the dye has an innovative stabilizer, which was patented by the company. The durability of the paint of this manufacturer is one of the best in the world.

With the help of a dye, porosity in the hair is removed, a persistent color of coloring is provided, and shine is manifested.

Natural ingredients that are present in the composition help to weaken the harmful effects on the hair.

It is worth emphasizing that Keune paints are available for use even with frequent chemical perms. For the production of products, 60 ml containers are used.

At the same time, there are no difficulties in using professional paint, so the procedure can be performed at home.

However, you need to strictly act according to the instructions. The fact is that some Keune paints are ammonia-free, and for good coloring it is necessary to observe technical subtleties when mixing ingredients.

Paints of this manufacturer are presented in three series: Tinta Color, Semi Color and So Pure Color.

The first is ammonia, the other two do not use this ingredient.

Despite the fact that Tinta Color is an ammonia dye, coloring molecules create a special protective film on the hair, which allows you to perform gentle coloring.

The paint perfectly paints over the gray hair, and due to the protein contained in it, it provides additional silkiness.

It is especially worth emphasizing that the manufacturer was able to rid the product of the usual ammonia smell.

Semi Color is an ammonia-free product and its main purpose is to give naturalness to hair of light shades.

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The color palette contains 40 different options. So Pure Color refers to a SPA coloring system.

This technology is unique. It allows you to perform staining with a therapeutic effect, the organic component acts as a dye, and not ammonia.

Additionally, a complex of various oils is used in the product. The basis of the dye is phytoheratin. The use of plant extracts allows you to restore hair from the inside.

Vitamins A and E are responsible for nutrition, as well as sandalwood and jasmine essential oils.

This series is recommended for the work of specialists, since initially a diagnosis of the condition of the hair will be required.

The color palette contains 35 shades. In total, there are more than a hundred shades in the Keune palette, while a good coloring composition helps to get the color really like in an advertising photo.

This is confirmed by numerous reviews left by users.

Ammonia-free version

Good reviews and popularity among specialists won the paint Keune Semi Color. In particular, it is recommended to use it for those who want to get the coolest shade possible.

The fact is that the basis is purple-plum pigments, and not red-brown, like most other manufacturers.

It is this basis that allows you to get a cold color palette as a result, which is more consistent with natural colors.

As mentioned above, the paint does not contain ammonia, and at the same time hydrogen peroxide in it is also a reduced amount.

By and large, it performs more intense hair toning than full coloring.

The manufacturer himself declares the durability of the product up to 8 - 12 washes, which, of course, is significantly less than the indicators of ammonia counterparts.

At the same time, the texture of the paint in terms of density is very good, it does not drain, however, it is not necessary to stretch the mixture.

From the skin and interior items in case of ingress it is easily washed off, while oils are felt in the composition. It is necessary to withstand the paint for 20 minutes.

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Those who use the dye note that after dyeing, the hair becomes more silky and shiny. This is due to the presence of caring components in the paint.

Many compare the effect after using the coloring compound with the use of a mask.

By the way, experts for home use recommend taking slightly lighter tones than you need or using a clean tone for breeding.

The fact is that toning dyes without ammonia usually give a slightly darker color in the end than stated.

The coating of Keune Semi Color is very good and dense. In this case, the washing of paint occurs very naturally.

Due to this, girls recommend using paint if you want to grow your hair color.

In the Semi Color series, there is a product called Clear – colorless toning. It is recommended to do it if you want to enhance the shine of the hair, revive the natural color, and also tighten the structure of the hair, which affects the malleability to styling.

It is worth noting that such toning is not designed for color change. The effect will last about two weeks, and each wash will reduce it.

However, such colorless toning can help in improving the condition of the hair.

"Soft" ammonia

As with the Keune Semi Color, one of the advantages of another Keune series , Tinta Color - is the use of a cold base.

Recall that this paint belongs to the ammonia series, but the manufacturer was able to kill its pungent smell: due to the unique fragrance, it was possible to get a pleasant aroma.

All shades offered by this line are natural.

In comparison with the ammonia-free series, Tinta Color is able to provide one hundred percent coloring of gray hair.


An additional advantage is the use of silk proteins in the composition, which allows you to make the hair more shiny without damaging their basic structure.

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The conditioner, focused on post-staining care, also contains these proteins.

In most cases, professionals advise not to do with one shade, but to mix several different ones to get a more natural color that will play with various overflows.

Therefore, if you do not have enough experience, it is better to do staining with Keune brand products in the salon, or at least get a specialist consultation beforehand.

Let them make you a color map for further home use.

Most often, additional tones are used to completely cover the yellowness, if we are talking about correcting the past color or to give a pearl tint, which will not be superfluous even at the first staining.

At the same time, oxides, as for the previous series, are used low-percentage.

Many note that even severely damaged hair becomes soft and silky after such a procedure. As in the series discussed above, flushing is carried out gradually.

However, it is worth considering that with frequent staining with more "caustic" paints, especially when it comes to discoloration, you should not expect good durability from the first time.

The fact is that there is no pigment in such hair, and it will take several dyeing sessions to accumulate it.

Judging by the reviews left by the girls who tried the paint, even after a month and a half, pearl shimmers remain in color.

To complement the result obtained, you can use professional cosmetics Keune, produced specifically for colored hair.

In addition to the main care in the form of shampoo and balm, the manufacturer offers masks and SPA kits for recovery.

In the role of the only minus, many note the high cost of paint. Long hair will require more than a thousand rubles for one coloring procedure, based on the purchase of the tones and oxide themselves.

However, many years of experience of the company allows us to create a unique product that is loved by girls around the world.

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  1. Nate

    I like the ammonia-free series in this paint. I agree, it is not as resistant as ordinary dyes, but it does not spoil the hair.

  2. Julia

    I tried a lot of paints, because, despite my small age, I have long had problems with gray hair. A friend advised me to try the paint of this company as well. At first, I did not expect anything supernatural like from other companies, because I do not believe in these ammonia-free paints. No matter how much I am convinced, but in total it is all chemistry. But I can even say that the result pleased me. What we have in the end, the smell is there, but not so sharp, the color 4 turned out to be quite saturated, my gray hair began to appear somewhere by the end of the fourth week. It's very good. I will try again, but the price bites a little.

  3. Polina

    I first learned about Keune paint, and I liked the diverse palette of colors – there are many to choose from. It is remarkable that it can be used at home, and there will be no harm to the hair, since there is a protective base. Now I will try to buy it, since I have a lot of gray hair, and I do not want to expose my hair to an ammonia attack every time. And this paint is ammonia-free and promises to be resistant. For the sake of beauty and health of the hair, do not regret and fork out!

  4. Eugenia

    I tried Keune paint on the advice of a friend who works on it professionally. Keune surprised me already with stirring, it increases in volume decently, this must be borne in mind for the correct use of paint. Very easy to apply to hair. The effect exceeded my expectations, the color as natural but juicy, the hair as after a good care procedure, excellent dye.

  5. Helena

    I have been coloring my hair with Keyne dye for several years now. Before that, I tried many different manufacturers. It is great that the paint does not have ammonia in the basis and is quite resistant. The hair is soft and silky. The only drawback for me is the price of paint. Expensive compared to other manufacturers. But for the sake of beauty and healthy hair, I am ready to pay its cost.

  6. Anastasia

    Previously, I always dyed my hair in the hairdresser and did not really delve into the composition of the dyes that the master uses. But I noticed that the hair became too dry and brittle. Then I decided to read on the Internet about good colors. That's how I found out about Keyne. I decided to give it a try. But stayed with that paint forever. I've been using it for a year now – my hair has become noticeably better. look more lively and well-groomed.

  7. Valentine

    By the age of 50, she had accumulated experience in coloring her own hair quite extensively. And she concluded that even the best hair dye is harmful to hair, maybe not even immediately, but with prolonged use. It is better to use paint without ammonia. I tried the paint of the Keune series, I liked it, I have been using it for about a year. True, you have to dye more often, but it does not harm the hair.

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