ο HAIR STYLING PASTE [how to use]

What is hair styling paste?

Until recently, only the most advanced fashionistas and fashionistas heard [about hair styling paste] , and it was almost impossible to find it on the shelves of ordinary cosmetic stores.

However, the undoubted advantages of this product over other hair care products have attracted the attention of both manufacturers and buyers.

And although the paste is still not as popular as waxes or gels, it already has a whole army of loyal fans.

Hair paste will be of particular interest to men, it is for them that most brands of this product are intended.

What is hairpaste?

Hair paste is a dense cream for modeling hairstyles. Unlike foam or mousse, it does not impart volume and is designed to highlight individual strands and give the hairstyle the desired structure.

This tool is more convenient to use for owners of short haircuts, which is why it is popular not only among women, but also among men.

The paste in its action is similar to hair wax. However, unlike them, it does not glue the strands and does not give them a sloppy greasy appearance.

When using this tool, the hairstyle looks completely natural, the plastic substance does not dry out, does not give a feeling of "crust" on the head.

Many pastes contain plant extracts and nutrients that protect the hair from damage, filling it with strength and energy.

There are several types of paste for styling.

Modeling paste. This tool provides an elastic fixation without a feeling of stickiness. Even with high humidity, each hair will remain in place throughout the day.

A small amount of the product should be applied to dry or slightly wet hair, and then form a hairstyle with your hands or with a comb.

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Modeling pastes are produced by Capus, L'Or©al Professionnel, Tiji, Lakme, Londa Professional.


Texturizing paste. It is designed for dry finishing styling and allows you to easily manipulate the strands, sharpen them, give direction, and bend at any angle.

The product does not dry out on the hair, throughout the day they remain obedient and elastic. You can fix or even change the styling at any time.

Matting or matte paste. It is also used for modeling and sculpting hairstyles, but its main purpose is a stable styling without a glossy shine.

The product is practically not noticeable on the hair, does not weigh down the strands and removes the oily shine from your hair. Most matting pastes are designed for men.

Some manufacturers produce styling products with non-standard properties.

For example, Alfaparf's male smoking paste is developed using the innovative "Anti-smog" technology, protecting hair from the negative effects of cigarette smoke.

L'Or©al Professionnel has released a product specifically for stacking pixie haircuts, and the Rich Energising Collection product contains extracts of peppermint and green tea that tone the scalp, thereby stimulating the work of hair follicles and preventing baldness.

As you can see, the range of pastes is quite large, and it will not be difficult to choose the right one. Prices for such funds also vary quite a lot, their cost ranges from 300 to 3000 rubles.

However, do not be afraid of the high cost: after reading customer reviews, you will understand that pasta is a very economical tool. One package may well be enough for several years.

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How do I use the paste for styling?

Paste for styling is an ideal tool for men. Men's hair has a rather rigid structure and often does not lend itself well to styling.

Most products only glue the strands, while the shape of the hairstyle is lost to an offensive quickly, while the paste gives the hair elasticity and firmness, keeping them obedient and plastic throughout the day.

For styling short hair, a very small amount of product, a ball the size of a pea, is enough.

Evenly distributing the mass on the strands, give them the desired shape with your fingers or a comb, you do not need to dry your hair with a hair dryer.

The simplest option for men's styling is a smooth hairstyle, laid back or on the side. Comb wet hair in the right direction and dry with a hair dryer, directing the comb over the hair growth.

Rub a little modeling paste in your palms and comb the strands with your fingers, giving the hairstyle a light structure.

The next installation will be appropriate in an informal setting. For such a hairstyle, both matte and ordinary structuring paste are suitable.

On wet hair, you need to apply mousse and dry them with a hair dryer, stirring with random movements and lifting from the very roots.


Finally, apply the substance, making movements against hair growth, and with your fingers, highlight the individual strands, giving them the desired shape.

Hair paste is often used by girls with ultra-short haircuts. However, never use this product to style long hair.

The only exception is smooth combed hairstyles. In all other cases, such a product will weigh down the hair and deprive it of volume, instead of elegant styling, you will get sloppy hanging strands.

It is quite simple to lay down a short haircut, opening the forehead and eyes as much as possible. There are both options for such a hairstyle for every day, and more voluminous and bold evening hairstyles.

Apply volume cleanser to wet hair and dry by pulling the strands back. Rub the paste on your fingers, and give the hairstyle a complete shape, you can highlight individual strands and smooth the hair on the temples.

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Recently, the pixie haircut has returned to fashion. This hairstyle belongs to the unisex style, i.e. it is suitable for both women and men.

"Pixie" is a short voluminous haircut with short temples, an elongated nape and oblique bangs.

The paste is perfect for styling this hairstyle:

  • Dial a little product on your fingers and smooth the hair, dividing it into an oblique parting. This is a strict styling option, suitable for work or official events;
  • Apply the structuring paste to the hair and ruffle the strands with careless movements until a slight mess. This styling takes a minimum of time and is perfect for meeting friends or a romantic date;
  • Comb the strands at the roots and fix the volume with a paste. Sharpen the tips and direct strictly upwards, smooth the hair at the temples. This bold and mischievous hairstyle is suitable for all those who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others.

Hair paste is gradually becoming one of the most popular products among men and women who prefer bold and unusual haircuts.

Reviews about it are increasingly appearing on the Internet, and, judging by them, this tool is definitely worth paying attention to.

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  1. Vladislav

    What is still an interesting option for styling, previously I did not know anything about it, and now I am eager to try.

  2. Lara

    Here's a century live a century learn) My son began to take care of his hair. I only buy my own money for him, and he is not my mother. Foam, varnish, even oil tried. The wax is really greasy, and his scalp is oily. Varnish doesn't hold anything. Hair is not only stiff, but also does not grow obediently. We'll try pasta. I hope this is our salvation. Just need to lay everything back, then in the side.

  3. Vladimir

    Wow! I didn't know that there were so many types of pastes for styling hairstyles. I'm kind of used to not using anything at all the old-fashioned way, even though I have a pretty stylish haircut. I sometimes add a little gel so that in bad weather the hairstyle holds. It would be interesting to try a paste that protects the hair from the nicotine smell. And then I smoke - I smoke, but I do not like when my hair and clothes smell like nicotine.

  4. Marina

    Pastes are really very economical, when I wore a short haircut, bought them constantly, enough for a long time and the hairstyle is always fixed. Now I do not cut my hair for a long time, so I use foams, mousses and varnishes, but I do not forget about pastes, if I cut my hair again, I will definitely use them, especially since the choice is now much more diverse than before.

  5. Alexey Alimov

    When you have hair on your head from birth is not straight or curly, but something in between, shaggy things always sticking out in different directions, then you begin to pay great attention to hair styling. In fact, I tried about half a hundred. The effect was either sculpted hair, or there was no effect at all. In my favorite barbershop, it was advised to use paste for styling hair. It's both efficient and time-saving.

  6. Helena

    I didn't particularly like to style my hair with all sorts of smears, because I thought it was very dirty to my hair. But everywhere the concept of hair styling paste began to slip through on the Internet. I read a lot of reviews, well, I decided to try. The result was certainly amazing. Hair shines naturally, looking CLEAN. And the styling lasts a long time, almost all day. I'm thrilled. I think I'll use it further.

  7. Alexander

    I didn't have a lot of money to use as part of my hairstyle, but there were definitely no pastes among them. Neither wax, nor clay, nor mousse - do not have a special effect. Variations of styling products, of course, are an incredible many - that even a damn leg will break) But I have heard a lot about pasta and will certainly try to use it, thanks for a fairly comprehensive article))

  8. Helena

    What a popular remedy – this hair styling paste! I immediately remember many singers, musicians whose hair is styled unusually, and during the performance not a single hair will flinch) Yes, what is there, artists - I know among my relatives such people who use it.
    I would use it myself with pleasure, but, unfortunately, my hair is greasy, and styling will give the impression of oiliness.

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