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Proper performance of hairstyles with scratching

Many girls are attracted to [hairstyles with hair], but unfortunately, not everyone knows how to do it technically.

A properly executed hairstyle can turn an ordinary hairstyle into a bright accent of the evening image.

Therefore, before proceeding to the design of hair in practice, it is worth studying the theoretical part of the question.

Features of the naches

For the first time, hairstyles with a comb appeared and became popular in the middle of the last century. Since then, naches have been firmly entrenched as one of the main elements of hairdressing.

Periodically, interest in naches especially increases, and today we can observe just such a surge in its popularity.


There are two ways of volumetric springy hair design - the usual comb and blunting.

Technically, the comb is tightly whipped hair that is treated with a comb on both sides of the strands across the entire width.

To do this, separate a wide strand, pull it at right angles to the head and, holding the middle of the hair with your left hand, several times carry out a comb towards the base.

Perform the comb begin at a distance of 5-6 cm from the roots and complete, reaching the tips of the strands. Manipulation of the comb is stopped at the moment when there is a difficulty in its promotion.

In the process of formation of the comb and as you move away from the roots, the inhibition of each subsequent movement of the comb will increase. The comb should be with small teeth.

After each movement, it is necessary to remove the comb from the strand.


Blunting is done in the same way, but unlike scratching, it captures only one side of the strand.

In this case, the strand is not pulled at right angles, but immediately laid as it should lie in the finished hairstyle.

In the process of blunting, the comb is not completely inserted into the strand, performing combing only on its surface.

That is, the teeth of the comb should not go beyond the strand on the reverse side. The ends of the strands are not affected.

On short hair, a different combing technique is applied, depending on the desired result. If you need volume, only the tips are combed.

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If you plan to use a hairpiece or pad, then comb the hair at the roots. If the strands are too short, then they are combed along the entire length.

Mastering the universal technique of combing will be useful every day: at work and on holidays (for evening events, for a family celebration and even for a wedding).


In addition, all hairstyles with a comb and blunt are classified as long-lasting.

This is very convenient - performing hairstyles with a comb every day, you can not worry that in the late afternoon they will lose their shape.

Recommendations for the implementation of naches

There is an opinion that combing can spoil the hair and cause harm to them, so it can not be done every day.

Experts assure that this misconception could appear only as a result of improper installation.

But if you correctly follow the entire sequence of the process, the comb will not only not spoil the hair, but, conversely, will become a good assistant in the design of hair.

Especially for rare, thin, volume-deprived strands.

So that the performance of hairstyles with a hairstyle does not disappoint, we recommend paying attention to the following tips of stylists:

  • Any hairstyles with a comb are always performed only on clean dry hair. Wet strands are prone to trauma, so before laying they must be dried;
    in order for hairstyles with a comb to last longer, it is recommended to dry the hair head down;
    the task of combing is to create volume. Therefore, it is necessary to determine in advance in which part of the head this volume will be appropriate;
  • To perform styling, you should not use combs with sharp edges - so you can violate the integrity of the scalp and weaken the hair,
  • It is unacceptable to comb the hair immediately along the entire length. This should be done in stages. The required volume is provided by the correct sequence of the comb - first at the roots, then in the middle of the strand and at the ends;
  • Movements during combing should be smooth, neat;
  • To preserve the styling effect, each combed strand is fixed with varnish (especially if the strands are thick and thick);
  • The overall shape after styling is given to the hairstyle with a massage brush;
  • To make the hair easier to comb after styling, they are treated with a balm or a special softening mask.
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In addition, when choosing a hairstyle with a hairstyle, you need to take into account the shape of the face. If the face is round and it is necessary to make it look visually longer, then a high styling with combing is performed.


But if the shape of the face is elongated, then it is better to make a hairstyle with other stylistic elements.

Faces of a rounded and wide type should not be framed by voluminous curls, which are obtained if you comb the strands around the head.

Persons of the triangular type are combed at the roots with loose curls. For an oval face, you can choose any kind of hairstyles.

Festive decoration of hairstyles with a comb

If you combine the comb with curls, you will get a great evening hairstyle. This combination is considered to be classic. Most often, this hairstyle is performed with a straight parting and a comb on the top of the head.

A similar version of the hairstyle with curls, but appropriate not only for the exit, but also for every day is the well-known "malvinka".

Step by step, its design looks like this: first, you need to comb the strands on the top of the head, then on both sides at the level of the temples, the strands are separated and fixed at the back, a little lower.


One of the very spectacular options for the design of hair is a side hairstyle with combing. It can be worn every day or supplemented with accessories and made for a festive event.

An elegant evening hairstyle with the help of combing is quite possible to arrange with your own hands.

Step-by-step installation is performed as follows:

  • All strands are divided by a horizontal parting into two parts - the facial and occipital. The parting should pass along the top of the head - from ear to ear;
  • The surface of the hair is treated with a retainer to emphasize the curls. If the strands are straight - make a perm with a hair dryer. Curls should look slightly sloppy;
  • Strands located around the face, straighten with an iron or stretch with a hair dryer and brush;
    strands from the back of the head are distributed equally so that three small pigtails can be braided;
  • Each pigtail obtained is collected with an accordion. To do this, hold the tail with one hand, and pull the links of the pigtail up with the other;
  • The upper part of the strands on the back of the head is combed;
  • The top of the strands on the crown is curled and laid on top of the comb;
  • The hairstyle is covered with varnish.
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Possibilities of performing hairstyles with a comb

A regular tail can also be performed using the scratching technique. The principle of execution is the same as in the traditional case, only before the design of the tail on the top of the head you need to make a comb.

This hairstyle can be easily styled every day and always look great.

The comb is made on the top of the head, after which the hair is combed on one side and fixed with stilettos. In this case, the strands can be left with loose curls or braided in a free braid.


Another hairstyle from the category of "for every day" is a braid in combination with a hairstyle.

Step-by-step execution of the hairstyle is as follows:

  1. On the top of the head make a small comb;
  2. The part of the strands that has not been combed is thrown back, smoothed and weaved with an ordinary braid;
    in the course of weaving, stops are made in order to slightly stretch the braided strands, approximately every 3 links of the braid. With the help of such a simple method, the braid will receive volume and slight negligence;
  3. To fix the braid, it is fixed with an elastic band, and the remaining tip is combed.

Short strands can also be decorated with combing. And a haircut for a boy, and the classic scarf and bob look completely new if you lay them down with a comb.

However, every day such styling is not recommended. Stylists advise to use a comb on short strands when performing evening styling or to create a romantic image.

To do this, a strip of strands in front, about 1 cm wide, is left untouched, and the rest of the hair is combed. Then an intact layer of curls is applied on top of the combed strands and fixed with varnish.

Any hairstyle can be easily made unique if you add accessories to its design - rims, elastic bands, tiaras, bandages, hairpins or flowers.


The development of new hairdressing techniques leads to the implementation of new types of hairstyles.

We hope that this article will allow you to master additional hairdressing skills, and new hairstyles will make the appearance even more attractive.

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    I would like to do combs periodically, but I have very weak and brittle hair, can I use this kind of hairstyle for my head? Maybe there are special products for weak hair?
    And another question, how long in the morning will you have to wash your hair after using styling products?

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