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Solving hair problems with Platinus V

In an attempt to restore damaged hair, create conditions for their growth and shine, the consumer sorts through various products, relying on information from advertising and the Internet, where very often there is information that Platinus V is able to solve hair problems.

In this article, we will talk about where hair problems come from, how they can be solved with Platinum B, how much this drug costs, what its composition is and where you can buy it.

Why is there a problem?

Our hair has a complex structure. Several of its layers require not only proper care, but also proper nutrition.

The uppermost layer - keratin - resembles scales on the body of a fish. If the scales rise, and the substance between them dries up, then there is a problem of excessive brittleness of the hair.

This situation is easily solved with the help of cosmetics. They will perfectly cope with the task of maintaining the keratin layer and will help in protecting the scales.

The product, which has a moisturizing effect, also helps to maintain the healthy condition of the upper layer of the hairline.

The inner layer is responsible for the thermoregulation and nutrition of the hair. No product applied to the head is able to penetrate inside this layer.

Nutrition occurs only due to the bulbs, which are located inside the upper layer of the skin.

You can deliver nutrients to the bulbs in two ways - masks applied directly to the head (their contents penetrate into the upper layers of the skin when rubbed, nourish the bulbs, help improve blood supply and remove toxins), or by regulating their diet (what a person eats, first of all, is reflected in the hair, so when correcting the condition of the hairline, this fact must be taken into account).

The main sources of hair problems are:

  • malnutrition;
  • smoking;
  • pregnancy and childbirth;
  • aggressive effects of the external environment;
  • taking potent medications.

By the way, the problem, which will require treatment with special cosmetics, can occur even on completely healthy hair.

For example, in winter, when one part of the hairstyle overheats under the hat, and the other suffers from frost. Such a situation may well lead to the cessation of growth or hair loss.

When treating hair, you should not grab at once for a lot of funds, because they can conflict with each other when used.

Choose one drug, preferably one in which the composition is as close as possible to natural, and try to conduct a course of treatment with it.

This article discusses the drug Platinus V Professional - a modern cosmetic, which scientists developed in Soviet times.

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Initially, the drug was intended to stimulate the growth of hair lost in harmful work or chemotherapy.

Experiments with Platinum B were suspended due to the termination of the Union.

And now, after many years, the Russian company returned to work on a product that perfectly helps for the growth of curls and has a number of other wonderful properties.

Of course, the main questions that a desperate person will ask are "how much does it cost" and "what is the guarantee".

It must be understood that it is impossible to guarantee the effect of a particular remedy if a comprehensive examination was not carried out and the cause was not established.

However, good news for those who do not have the opportunity to visit a trichologist.

Up to 90% of cases of hairless hair are "dormant bulbs", which are quite capable of producing hairs, about 8% of people have various genetic causes for hair loss or lack of growth, about 2% are metabolic disorders.

It is quite clear that neither genetics nor metabolism cosmetics will be able to normalize, but let's estimate, what is the probability that it is your problem with the hairstyle that is in this 10%, which is not helped by drugs for growth?


If you not only believe in your luck and are ready to experiment, but also remember what effects you have recently exposed your hair (smoking, improper or unbalanced nutrition, excessive thermal effects), then it will become clear that almost certainly a cosmetic product like Platinum B will be able to cope.

That is why if you want to try to achieve hair growth, we recommend starting with Platinus V. We are sure that it is Platinum that will help the hair grow healthy.

Revitalizing mask

It is better to start treatment with Platinum B with the use of a mask that is applied to the hair roots, kept for 45 minutes to an hour, after which it is washed off without shampoo with simple warm water.

If the hair is excessively dry, then you can use the drug several times a day. It is not required to use the usual balms after the Platine mask.

The main positive effects of the use of Platinum B:

  1. in a month you will completely transform your hairstyle, there will be an unusual density and volume of hair;
  2. the composition of the drug will help accelerate the recovery of the scalp, which, in turn, will be a positive moment for the growth of the hairline;
  3. you will be able to relieve irritation or itching, if any. The composition of the hair product includes ingredients that contribute to this;
  4. the ends of the hair will cease to exfoliate;
  5. the secretion of the sebaceous glands of the head is normalized.
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This series of positive effects is achieved after a few weeks of using Platinus V Professional, but do not forget that the drug should be used regularly, otherwise the effect will not be achieved.

The composition of the product does not cause allergies or addiction, so you can use the drug as long as the problem condition of the head will continue.

However, reviews written by consumers on the site suggest that in a few weeks the problem is solved completely.

The mask is sold through the site in bottles of 50 ml. One bottle of mask Platinum B is enough for a month.

Not only a mask, but also a spray

In addition to the cream-mask Platinus B, there is also a spray for hair. It will help to visually increase the density of the hairstyle, and the hair itself will become soft and gain shine.

The manufacturer says that the hair will not only become healthy in appearance, but also transformed from the inside.

Even in the saddest cases, when other means practically do not help, Platinus V spray will restore curls. And you will notice the result quickly enough - in less than a month.

Due to what components in Platinum B growth and density are ensured?

The official website of the manufacturer writes that the positive effect is guaranteed due to the generating gel, pectins and biocomplex with vitamins.


The unique composition of the spray will not only help prevent hair loss, but also help stimulate hair growth by awakening the hair follicles that are "sleeping".

The formula, which will actively work to improve the quality and growth of hair, is completely natural, while the price of the product is absolutely not overstated.

Instructions for the use of the spray, which is offered by the manufacturer's website, claims that the tool is safe even for children and pregnant women, because the composition of the active substances is completely natural.

Instructions for use are designed so that the product is as easy to apply as possible. The spray should be applied as follows:

Place the bottle at a distance of 20 - 30 cm from the scalp, press the button several times. How many times to apply the spray to the same place depends on the condition of the hair.

Do not be too zealous, because regularity is important in the use of the drug. The manufacturer's website advises to apply the spray 1-2 times a day, and with a pronounced loss of hair - up to 8 times a day.

The product does not need to be washed off or dried with a hair dryer, but it is recommended to thoroughly massage the head so that the active substances of the drug are distributed as best as possible between all the hairs.

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Platinus V Professional will take you only a few minutes a day, but it will give you an excellent hairstyle, healthy and well-groomed shiny hair, and, accordingly, a stylish image.

Bottles with spray are sold in a volume of 30 ml, which is enough for a month of use according to the instructions.

The manufacturer recommends using two Platinum B products at the same time, combining a mask with a spray. The composition and method of application will complement the action of each other, which will contribute to a better result.

Where and how to buy?

Platinus V cream is sold online – until it is presented in a pharmacy and it is unclear whether it will be sold through a pharmacy chain or through a supermarket chain.

Currently, the product can only be bought online, for this you need to go to the manufacturer's website or dealer companies.

The price will be approximately the same, the site of partners does not make a cheat.


This should not frighten consumers, since when selling funds by the manufacturer themselves through independently developed channels, it is possible to maintain the optimal price and equal opportunities for all regions (both for large cities and for the deep province, where young ladies also want to be beautiful).

Platinus V Professional is an original and patented development of the Russian manufacturer. The company BioChemExpo is known to Russian women and a number of other cosmetics.

The price of the drug is fully justified by its amazing effect. Calculate how many unnecessary funds you have already tried instead of buying an effective one.

Do not chase inexpensive drugs for hair growth, because any development requires laboratory tests and analyzes so that scientists are confident in its effectiveness.

Of course, at the same time, the price of Platinum B will be higher than that of ordinary balms from the supermarket. If you buy through the site, you can often buy Platinum B at a promotional price.

Together with Platinum B in the kit is the instruction for use. To get a good result, you need to carefully study the instructions and consistently adhere to the recommendations specified in it.

In this article, it was considered how Platinus V works and what it is used for. When starting to treat your hair, be sure to follow the instructions and follow all the requirements of the manufacturer.

How many vials of the drug will be needed to solve the problem depends only on you. If you have any questions to the development company, you can ask them by contacting the site.

This site also publishes news about this tool, so you will always be aware of profitable offers and promotions.

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