HOW TO SHAPE YOUR EYEBROWS AT HOME [6 questions about the face and eyebrows]

How to shape your eyebrows: tips and tricks

The shape and refinement of the lines [of the eyebrows] emphasize individuality and can perfectly correct the perception of your face. You can choose the right bend, length, density and saturation of color without randomly and without experimenting with your own face. To do this, there are techniques and secrets of professional make-up artists.


Perfect eyebrow shape on its own

You can give your eyebrows a perfectly beautiful and correct shape in several ways. To do this, you need to look at your face as the masters of the style do - to build the architecture of the eyebrows into the oval, to take into account the shape of the eyebrow arches and nose, the incision of the eyes. It is important to take into account that the eyebrows have a mimic, signal value. Carried away by the change in their shape, you can give the face a surprised, suffering or formidable expression. It will be very difficult to correct this.

Six questions about the face and eyebrows

If you decide to adjust your eyebrows, then first answer yourself a few questions. Sit in front of the mirror, make a good light (not like on stage!), look at your face.

  1. What is the shape of the face, do you want to visually correct it, emphasize something?

  2. Do the eyebrows fit the face, what do you want to correct, what will it give?

  3. Is such an experiment necessary? How do you perceive your face, isn't that a whim?

  4. Will you be able to return everything to its original state if the experiment is not very successful?

  5. What shape of the eyebrows exactly will not work?

  6. How ready are you to preserve the natural features, is it worth resorting to bold decisions and radically changing everything?

So, if you have made a decision, then you can proceed to the choice of the shape of the eyebrows and ways to create it.

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The shape of the face and eyebrows - the best combinations

The eyebrows are the clearly visible, talking part of the face. Therefore, there is a pronounced connection between them and the outlines of the oval. Which eyebrows are right for you?


  1. [Eyebrows for a round face] should be raised higher, but do not give them a strong, pronounced kink. A high arc with a slightly lowered tip will emphasize the softness of the outlines and will not contrast with the image.

  2. The oval face will be given charm by eyebrows of straight outlines, almost without lifting, lying horizontally.

  3. Triangular faces are not so frequent, but here you should avoid a straight line, a rather low, restrained arc.

  4. For a heart-shaped face, the eyebrow pattern is simple โ€“ short, thick straight. Lengthening will only emphasize the contrast between the lower and upper parts of the face.

  5. The oval face corresponds to eyebrows short, thick and straight. Softness and roundness will give a not very pronounced, slightly curved tail.

  6. Eyebrows of a rounded shape, but without a strongly emphasized arc, will suit a square face. Usually in people with this shape of the face, the eyes are located far away, and eyebrows closer to the bridge of the nose will help to correct this.

A stylist can radically change the shape of the eyebrows, but at home they can be corrected with a pencil and tweezers. For those who are not sure about the accuracy of the hand, there are [sets for drawing and plucking eyebrows from a stencil].

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Eyebrow shape for self-correction

In order not to be confused in the descriptions of the forms, it is enough to remember that it is customary to call four variants - straight, curved, arc, [eyebrows house].

Straight eyebrows

A straight shape is not a perfectly flat line, it can have a slight bend and a thin, gracefully beveled tail down. Straight eyebrows should be left thick to compensate for the severity they give to the face.

Curved eyebrows

The curved shape is always striking, it is elegant, especially if it was given to you by nature. It is difficult to correct them, since the density and bending must be in harmony. The elegance of curved eyebrows should be emphasized by a precisely selected make-up style.

Eyebrows House

Eyebrows with a curved angle - a house - perfectly smooth out the roundness of the face, give it the appearance of an oval. But this is perhaps the most risky option, so a corner shifted to the middle will give you a suffering expression, and a turning point closer to the nose will make the face eternally surprised.

Eyebrows in a long arc

Long eyebrows in an arc enhance the effect of expressive eyes. They look very interesting if they become thinner from the bridge of the nose to the tips. This shape of the eyebrows is closest to the natural, if the arch is not too pronounced, has a smoothed outline.

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How to independently correct the eyebrows and change the shape

To correct the shape and density of the eyebrows, you can use tinting with a pencil and shadows, plucking and subsequent [lamination] for a long-lasting effect. How to change the shape of the eyebrows and emphasize their contours step by step - read on.

  1. First you need to prepare the face, treat the skin with alcohol lotion.

  2. Then it begins to remove excess hairs, having previously applied ice to the skin. It won't hurt that way. With tweezers, you need to capture the hair at the very root to remove completely, without breaking.

  3. Thinned eyebrows are tinted with a pencil from the bridge of the nose.

  4. When tinting with shadows, you need to use a beveled brush with a pointed tip.

When correcting the color of the eyebrows with paint or tattooing, it is important to remember. that the changes will be noticeable for a long time or even always. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with a pencil and shadows. The volume and stroke of the eyebrows are selected according to your own impression, but do not get carried away with the accuracy of the contour and width.

An easy way to mark your eyebrows

In order to correctly find the inner, outer and upper point of the eyebrows, a ruler is used - it is applied along the line from the wing of the nose through the pupil upwards, through the pupil or the edge of the iris to the temple, to the middle of the eyebrow, where the highest point of the arc or the fracture of the eyebrows by the house will be located. But it is still better to make the eyebrows perfect for the first time with a specialist.

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