ο How to remove nits at home?

We remove nits at home

How to remove lice and nits?

This question arises quite often, because pediculosis is a common disease in mammals.

However, do not confuse fleas and lice. The first can parasitize only on animals, the second - only on humans.

Head lice are transmitted from person to person through close contact or through contact with the patient's belongings. The disease often manifests itself in children.

The life cycle of head lice is about a month. Most often, adults accumulate on the back of the head and crown, crawl behind the ears.

They bite a person, drink blood, thereby causing itching, provoking allergies, rashes, various skin diseases.

In addition, lice can be the cause of infectious diseases.

They reproduce by laying eggs (nits), which are attached to the hair until the hatching period. Nits are usually a millimeter in size.

Preparation and rules of work

Before you understand how to remove nits from your hair, you need to get rid of lice. Even if you quickly remove nits from the entire head, adults will be able to lay eggs, and the process will continue indefinitely.

Therefore, the first stage in the excretion of nits is getting rid of adult parasites.

To do this, you must thoroughly wash your hair with a special shampoo. They are sold in a pharmacy, the composition includes insecticidal components. Such shampoos are sold without a prescription.

It is better for them to wash the child on their own, performing high-quality processing of the head and subsequent washing of the foam.

In the role of one of the most effective treatments at home, treatment with vinegar stands out. Some breed lice for them as well.

However, the effectiveness of this tool on adults has not been proven. In addition, the concentration of acid in the solution that is required for the nits to separate from the hair is insufficient to affect lice, so you will have to carry out two or even three times treatment.

To prepare the solution, you will need ordinary table vinegar. Its concentration is nine percent.

Vinegar is mixed with water in a ratio of one to two, where the larger number is water.

Remember, a concentration of more than 4.5 percent in the solution is unacceptable. This can lead to burns to the scalp and hair.

Ideally, you should not use the vinegar essence itself. However, if you do not have a nine percent solution, then you can use 70% vinegar.

To do this, it is mixed in a ratio of 1: 16 with water. Nits are perfectly excreted by any vinegar.

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The use of wine, apple or other options is permissible in accordance with the above proportions.

Immediately before treatment, it is necessary to check whether you or the child has any allergies.

To do this, a small amount of the prepared solution is applied to the inner elbow bend.

If after a few hours no side effects are observed, you can use a solution for the scalp and hair.

Despite the fact that at home lice and nits are often removed with vinegar, the drug has a couple of side effects.

First, it is a negative effect on hair color (with repeated use, they can become lighter). This is especially true for girls with dyed hair.

Secondly, the acid leads to drying of the hair, especially at the tips, which can lead to fragility and subsequent cross-section.



Before direct treatment with vinegar and combing (alas, nits will not leave your hair in any other way), you must thoroughly wash your hair with insecticidal shampoo, and then apply an indelible conditioner.

Nits from it, of course, will not die, but sliding through the hair will be easier, therefore, you can quickly comb them out of the hair. For a child, this stage is more than desirable in order to speed up the process as much as possible.

After preparing the solution, you can start treating the hair with vinegar. There are two ways to work.

In the first option, the solution is applied to dry combed hair, which is moistened with a towel soaked in the solution.

This method is preferable for the child, since the scalp will be affected minimally, only the hair is treated.

As a second option for treatment with vinegar, you can pour the solution into a bottle with a spray gun and spray the composition along the entire length of the hair.

After wetting with vinegar, it is necessary to ensure the maximum effect of the solution. To do this, a shower cap or scarf is put on top of the hair.

The entire length of the hair must be removed under the fabric or polyethylene. The solution will not evaporate, so vinegar can remove the maximum amount of nits from the hair.

On the child's head, a solution with vinegar should be kept for about half an hour. For the hair of an adult, you can increase the time to an hour.


After removing the cap or scarf from the head, the process of combing out dead lice and nits begins, which, under the action of acid, peel off the hair.

To do this, it is better to move to the bathroom or spread out a piece of cloth or film under a chair in the room.

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This is necessary so that weakened nits or adults do not get on other things and can not infect you or the child again.

To comb out the nits, you will need a special metal comb. It has thin but stiff teeth, the distance between which is no more than two millimeters.

An ordinary plastic comb, even with small teeth, is not suitable for work.

Even if it seems to you that vinegar managed to remove all the nits and visually you do not observe them, this stage cannot be skipped.

For simpler work, you can collect the child's hair in a ponytail, if the length allows. Choosing a small strand, it is necessary to comb it, starting from the roots to the tips.

When working, you will notice nits on the ridge. It is very important to clean the device immediately from them, so as not to return the parasites back to the child's hair.

To do this, prepare a soapy solution, in which the comb is dipped after each comb.

For wiping, you can use paper napkins, on which nits will remain.

All processed strands are fixed separately from the remaining ones to eliminate the risk of re-infection.

When all the nits are combed out, it is necessary to reuse the anti-pediculosis shampoo.

Rinse the baby's head thoroughly again to completely rid the hair of adults.

If, after repeated washing during the examination of the child, you found parasites again, then you will have to repeat the whole cycle again.

If everything is in order, proceed to clean the used materials.

The soap solution is poured into the toilet, and the comb is soaked in a solution of ammonia.

To prepare it, two glasses of boiling water are used, in which a glass of ammonia is poured.

In such a solution, the comb should be at least 15 minutes, after which it is cleaned with an unused toothbrush.

Only after such treatment, the comb for combing nits can be reused for another family member.

Choosing a comb

To remove nits quickly at home, the use of a special comb is mandatory.

Now pharmaceutical companies offer a large number of them.

The main advantage of modern combs is that they perfectly comb lice and nits, but the hair is not damaged.

Unlike combs, a system of special notches is used on comb teeth, as a result of which nothing thicker than hair can pass through them.


At the same time, it will not have to be changed over time, if after each use the device was properly disinfected.

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In addition, the comb can be used as a preventive measure.

Combing once a week is enough, and in case lice get on the hair, they will be quickly eliminated.

Such treatments are especially relevant for children of preschool and school age due to frequent contact with peers.

Despite the vast market for combs offered by companies for use at home, many experts identify three firms that, in their opinion, offer the most high-quality and effective product.

The most popular company is AntiV. Reviews about these ridges are the most. They are actively advertised.

At the same time, many emphasize convenience and efficiency when used. Due to the increased length of the teeth, thicker strands can be treated with an AntiV comb.

At the same time, a particularly notched relief allows you to reliably remove parasites. Depending on the pharmacy, the cost of the comb is about a thousand rubles.

Another quality manufacturer is LiceGuard. It is effective for combing and attracted a large number of buyers due to its low cost.

For 850 rubles you will be offered a package with two combs, differing depending on the type of hair that needs treatment.

This option will be ideal if the processing is carried out by several family members at once.

The top three is closed by the crest of NitFree, which is similar to the product of the first manufacturer. It has the same design and shape, but a higher price.

At the same time, there are no significant advantages, in comparison with the first option, so spending more money does not make sense.

Recently, pharmacies offer a lot of electric combs.

In particular, the production of RobiComb. This development is high-tech.

The crest has narrow teeth and a wide handle. At the same time, electrical discharges are used between the teeth, which allows you to most effectively remove parasites at home.

For humans, the crest is safe, since there are limiters at the ends that do not allow the teeth to reach the scalp.

In general, there are no studies confirming the higher efficiency of the use of electronic combs. Therefore, at home, you can do with the usual option.

Do not forget that prevention will save you and your child from possible infection.

To do this, it is enough to follow the rules of personal hygiene, do not contact directly with infected people, use only your head accessories.

Teach your child these basic rules, and the risk of infection will be significantly reduced.

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  1. Marina

    How to protect a child in kindergarten from infection with lice? After all, you often do not know that one of the children already has them.

    • Katya

      You can use special sprays. It is better to prevent than to treat later. Neet Free produces such sprays with two flavors of mint oil and rosemary oil. I bought mint.

  2. Olga

    And I didn't take it out myself, I turned to LaysAway. The eldest daughter picked up somewhere and infected the youngest. The hair is very curly. Shampoo didn't help, manually it's hard. And then there are the exams of the eldest daughter on the nose. The situation is difficult. I applied to this service for the first time and did not regret it. They gave a guarantee, a certificate to the school that they were healthy.

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