ο My head itches but there are no lice - why is this happening?

Why does the head itchy if there are no lice?

If you or your child often itches his head, but there are no lice, read this article.

She will tell you why itching may appear, as well as how to soften the epidermis and neutralize unpleasant sensations on the scalp.

Constant itching on the scalp is an unpleasant symptom that can take you out of nervous balance.

When the hand more and more often reaches for the hair, people begin to suspect the worst thing - the appearance of parasites.

It is quite easy to identify the presence of lice on the head. It is necessary to carefully examine the hair roots and scalp.

If you notice small insects on them - do not waste time and urgently visit a doctor who will prescribe you a course of treatment.

It should be clarified that the head can itch not only because of the appearance of parasites. There are other causes of itching.

Causes of itching on the scalp

Itching is a natural reaction of the skin to any irritant. Sometimes, to get rid of this symptom, it is enough to change the shampoo or hat, and there are cases when you need to take a serious set of measures to eliminate it.

The most common causes of itching on the head are the following situations.

Shampoos and balms may not be suitable for a person's skin type or contain components that cause a local allergic reaction.

If the head is itchy, but there are no lice, and a superficial examination of the skin did not reveal any problems, except for a slight dryness of the epidermis, change hair care products.

Refuse to use styling products and observe the reaction of the skin.

If the itching doesn't go away, try using moisturizing scalp masks that will soften the epidermis.

The scalp can dry out and itch a lot due to heating and wearing hats made of artificial yarn.

As a rule, such itching is easily eliminated by using light moisturizing masks after washing the hair and changing the headdress to one that will be sewn or knitted from natural materials.

The cause of itching of the head may be a banal avitaminosis. You can identify it by passing tests in the hospital.

Avitaminosis is treated by adjusting the daily menu of the patient and special vitamin complexes that quickly and effectively bring the body's immunity back to normal.

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Not treating beriberi is fraught with many consequences, but many people often do not consider it a disease.

It is not necessary to buy expensive pharmacy vitamins, you can find more budget analogues that normalize the state of your body.

Many allergy sufferers often ask themselves why their head itches a lot, but cannot draw a parallel between the characteristics of the body and improper eating behavior.

Perhaps severe itching is a natural reaction of the body to the intake of unsuitable food.

Itching, which appeared due to an allergic reaction, can be removed with the help of antihistamines.

Other Causes of Itchy Head

The cause of severe itching on the head can be dandruff or seborrhea.

Some people manage to completely get rid of these diseases or transfer them to the stage of prolonged remission, using pharmacy drugs to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and cleanse the scalp.

More information about such drugs is best learned in the office of a dermatologist who deals with skin problems.

Remember that dandruff or seborrhea can appear not only in an adult, but also in a child. The young age of the child can not protect him from the appearance of these diseases.


The obvious cause of very severe itching of the skin may be the recent treatment for pediculosis.

Many people believe that one treatment of the head is enough to completely get rid of these parasites.

Indeed, there are funds that have such an effect, but even they cannot one hundred percent guarantee complete disposal of lice.

If you have carried out such treatment and during a cursory examination made sure that there are no more lice on the head, check the hair more carefully.

Check not one part of the head, but its entire scalp, it is desirable that direct light falls on the curls, which will help to see lice or nits, if they remain on the hair.

The head may itch from the fact that the lice and nits that struck it some time ago were not completely etched.

By the way, the skin can itch and because it was severely dried out by the means with which you treated your hair.

Many do not understand why the head itches after such treatment. The fact is that drugs or homemade mixtures that fight pediculosis have an aggressive effect not only on parasites, but also on the hair and scalp.

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When you are sure that you have completely removed lice, begin to treat curls and epidermis from severe overdrying.

Use special moisturizing compounds that can be purchased at the pharmacy, and regularly apply softening masks to the curls.

If you've dried up your skin or, worse, burned it with chemicals, it's not time to ask why.


It is urgent to restore the skin in order to avoid unpleasant consequences in the future.

The reason that the head and face itches may be another disease caused by the appearance of parasites - demodicosis.

The cause of demodicosis is a skin mite that feeds on the epidermis and leaves waste products on the skin that are toxic to the human body.

In the modern world, infections with demodicosis occur quite rarely, but it is not worth completely writing off the possibility of its appearance on the scalp.

This tick can affect both an adult and a child.

Skin irritation and very severe itching are signs of ringworm, which can be contracted by contact with an outdoor animal.

People are rarely carriers of this disease. To identify ringworm is simple - the site of the defeat of this disease begins to go bald very quickly, attracting attention to itself.

Scalp softeners

If the initial examination did not reveal any serious diseases in you or your child, but the scalp still continues to itch, take a set of measures to intensively moisturize it.

Start drinking more water. Itchy skin can be a symptom of normal dehydration.

After you start drinking the right amount of clean cool water, you will notice an improvement in the condition.

Get rid of all stylin products that contain silicones. They cover the skin with a thin layer that impedes the flow of oxygen to the epidermis and pores.

Turn to folk remedies. To soften the scalp and eliminate severe itching, you need to rinse your hair after each wash with special decoctions prepared on the basis of medicinal herbs and plants, or mixtures with food vinegar.

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From itching of the skin can save the usual onion husks. Such a decoction is suitable for owners of dark hair, as it can give curls a slight red shade.

Boil the husks of five large bulbs in a liter of water for an hour. Cool the product and after washing the head, rinse the hair with it.

A small amount of broth can be rubbed into the skin during the day to get rid of the newly appeared sensation of itching.

Blondes and blondes can use the following remedy.

Two tablespoons of edible apple cider vinegar should be diluted with a liter of cool water and come with such a solution in the same way as with the previous one.

Vinegar solution will not only soften the itching, but also give the hair a beautiful shine.

Decoctions suitable for all hair types can be prepared from chamomile, nettle and calendula. You can buy collections of these plants in a pharmacy.

They are packaged in convenient phytopacks. If you are going to use decoctions as rinses, add two phytopacks per liter of water and prepare them as it is written on the package of the collection.


If you want to make a compress for the scalp, brew two phyto bags in a glass of boiling water and cool the composition to room temperature.

Generously moisten gauze folded in several layers with this liquid, and then place the compress on your head.

After reading this article, inspect your head and the head of the child again, especially if it has recently been the epicenter of parasite removal.

Make sure that you have removed absolutely all parasites, and there are no ulcers and burns on the skin from the means with which you fought pediculosis.

Check the epidermis for the possible appearance of dandruff, seborrhea, lichen or fungus. The first two diseases can be determined by active peeling of the epidermis, and the third and fourth - by the occurrence of pustular inflammations and ulcers.

In the event that you do not find any visual manifestations of diseases, change the means by which you care for your hair.

If the itching does not stop, go to the doctor and ask him why the head itches.

Perhaps itching signals that changes are taking place in your body that need to be kept under control.

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  1. Juliana

    I also encountered this problem. As a result, the usual burdock oil helped. After using it, such relief was immediately felt from the first time.

  2. Helena

    Recently I faced such a problem as severe itching and hair loss, at first I could not understand what it was, I bought shampoo recently in a hairdresser, expensive, professional ....But my head itched stronger and stronger, there are no parasites like lice ... And, desperate, I bought a tar shampoo, washed my hair and the itching became weaker! After the second application, the hair stopped falling out so much and the itching almost disappeared! I won't buy any more unknown shampoos, even if he is professional three times!

  3. Anna

    Due to dry skin, itching appears. What products can be used to soften the scalp?

    • Hope

      You can make a mask of burdock, castor and olive oils (all one tablespoon) and add a few drops of lemon and one tablespoon of cognac. Then rub all this into the scalp, put on a plastic cap and wrap it with a warm handkerchief or towel. Rinse off no earlier than after two hours (for some reason it is very bad before)

    • Marina

      And I also made a mask from honey, also helps very well. You smear your head with honey and put on a hat, after half an hour you wash it off.

  4. Larisa

    My husband recently developed redness on his head and began to peel off his skin, the dermatologist advised dandruff shampoo, but the problem did not go away. Has anyone come across this?

    • Alina

      I have the same problem. I would also very much like to hear good advice. I tried a lot of dandruff shampoos - the result is zero...

    • Irene

      Possible consequences of constant stress. In stressful situations, the body consumes more minerals and takes them from the hair follicles.

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